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Australian government funds preimplantation genetic testing
1 November 2021 - by David O'Rourke
Australian families who carry serious genetic, mitochondrial or chromosomal disorders are now able to reclaim the cost of preimplantation genetic testing, as well as IVF... [Read More]
Regional differences affect access to fertility preservation for children with cancer
27 September 2021 - by David O'Rourke
Young people with cancer in the UK face a postcode lottery leaving many at risk of missing out on the chance to have children... [Read More]
Inflammatory arthritis could be linked to male infertility
16 August 2021 - by David O'Rourke
Men who are diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis before the age of 40 are less likely to want children and more likely to be unable to have them... [Read More]
France gives all women access to IVF
14 June 2021 - by David O'Rourke
Single French women and those in same-sex partnerships will be able to access IVF and other fertility treatments... [Read More]
First stage of human embryo development created with lab-grown stem cells
10 May 2021 - by David O'Rourke
Human blastocysts have been created in a simple, efficient way from stem cells grown in a lab... [Read More]
Genomics England launches 100,000 genomes collaboration
24 November 2014 - by David O'Rourke
Genomics England is inviting applications from UK researchers, NHS clinicians and those in scientific training to access the data compiled by its DNA sequencing project, the 100,000 Genomes Project.... [Read More]
Older mothers live longer, says study
30 June 2014 - by David O'Rourke
A recent study has shown that mothers who have children at the age of 33 or after are twice as likely to live longer than women who stop childbearing by the age of 29.... [Read More]
Big belly genes? Five mutations linked to 'central adiposity'
27 January 2014 - by David O'Rourke
A study on over 57,000 people has revealed a link between five genes and waist-to-hip ratio, one of the most accurate predictors of obesity-related disease and mortality... [Read More]
Sperm test for infertile men could reduce need for surgery
25 November 2013 - by David O'Rourke
Researchers have developed a non-surgical test that could be used to tell whether men with zero sperm counts could father children via IVF... [Read More]
Gene test to determine breast cancer treatment gets approval
30 September 2013 - by David O'Rourke
A new genetic test that can estimate the risk of breast cancer in women returning after surgery has been approved for use in the NHS.... [Read More]
Infertility in married couples has declined over last 30 years, says US report
19 August 2013 - by David O'Rourke
A US Government report shows that six percent of married couples in the USA have problems conceiving, down from 8.5 percent in a similar report three decades ago... [Read More]
Researchers sniff out allergy genetic pathway
29 July 2013 - by David O'Rourke
Mutations in a single genetic pathway known to be disrupted in those with connective tissue disorders have been shown to be a major factor causing allergies in humans... [Read More]
Stem cell windpipe transplant for toddler
7 May 2013 - by David O'Rourke
A toddler has become the youngest person to receive a bioengineered organ, receiving a life-saving windpipe transplant made from her own stem cells... [Read More]
Synthetic biology could provide solution to bird flu
15 April 2013 - by David O'Rourke
Synthetic biology is being used in the hunt for a vaccine for H7N9, the new strain of bird flu emerging in China, with hopes it could shave a vital two weeks off the development process... [Read More]
Cancer genetics: plans for London-based Tumour Profiling Unit unveiled
4 February 2013 - by David O'Rourke
The planned Tumuor Profiling Unit at The Institute for Cancer Research, London will focus on sequencing the DNA of cancer tumours to help diagnose and monitor different types of cancer, and to also identify those more likely to respond to particular treatments.... [Read More]
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BioNews Review articles written by David O'Rourke:

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Event Review: Cambridge Festival – We are family
19 April 2021 - by David O'Rourke
As we all spent our second Easter in lockdown in the UK, it was hard to think of all the time we had been unable to spend with extended family over the past year. But in today's world, what makes a family? ... [Read More]
Event Review: It's All in the Genes - Medical Genetics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
28 May 2013 - by David O'Rourke
Medical genetics has changed how we think about diagnosis and treatment in almost every field of medicine. At an evening event hosted by the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), medical genetics teamed up with obstetrics and gynaecology to explore the impact of genetics on the diagnosis of ovarian and breast cancer.... [Read More]