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BioNews Comment articles written by Julian Hitchcock:

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The entelechy test: embryos and simbryos
29 March 2021 - by Julian Hitchcock
Over two weeks in March, four teams reported the self-assembly from stem cells of structures resembling human embryos... [Read More]
Beware of cheap imitations: justice and He Jiankui
13 January 2020 - by Julian Hitchcock
'Three babies, three scientists, three years in jail, and a three million yuan fine. This is the story of Dr He Jiankui and the world's first genome edited babies', wrote the philosopher Françoise Baylis in last week's Boston Globe.... [Read More]
Should we extend the 14-day period for cultivating human embryos?
9 May 2016 - by Julian Hitchcock
The advances of Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, the opportunities to undertake valuable medical research and our changed sense of values all demand that we reappraise the 14-day limit... [Read More]
The distracting genome
8 February 2016 - by Julian Hitchcock
Last week the front pages and airwaves filled with well-written, balanced articles about a significant development in UK embryo research. There was, however, something missing: a story... [Read More]
Brüstle in the Dock: ISCC v Comptroller General of Patents, Opinion of AG Cruz Villalón
4 August 2014 - by Julian Hitchcock
As BioNews 763 reported recently, Advocate General Cruz Villalón has advised the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) that human parthenotes are not human embryos. The fact that he had to do so raises serious concerns about the ability of Europe's leading court to interpret bioethical legislation and challenges the authority of one of its most notorious cases.... [Read More]
The Regenerative Medicine Expert Group: Watchmen watching watchmen?
14 October 2013 - by Julian Hitchcock
Since the Coalition came to power, we've grown used to its backing of science and technology. So, when the Government published its response to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into Regenerative Medicine last week, there was barely a murmur from the sector as recommendation after recommendation was endorsed and translated into action.... [Read More]
German Brüstle decision puts spotlight on national patent guidelines
17 December 2012 - by Julian Hitchcock
In November the case of Brüstle v Greenpeace was remitted to the German Federal High Court. How would a national court interpret the controversial ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union which held that patent rights could not be granted in the EU for the use of any entity 'capable of commencing the process of development of a human being'?... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Julian Hitchcock:

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Book Review: The Dance of Life: Symmetry, cells and how we become human
9 March 2020 - by Julian Hitchcock
The Dance of Life: Symmetry, Cells and How We Become Human is the autobiography of the developmental biologist Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, written with the unobtrusive but unerring support of a master science writer, Dr Roger Highfield... [Read More]
Book Review: GMO Sapiens - The Life-Changing Science of Designer Babies
30 August 2016 - by Julian Hitchcock
GMO Sapiens is just the annoying grit in the machine that the genome editing debate needs, but readers deserve clearer lines between science, speculation and opinion... [Read More]