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The egg that came in from the cold: ASRM lifts 'experimental' label from social egg freezing
12 November 2012 - by Dr Gillian Lockwood
After a decade of claiming that the technique was only applicable to young cancer patients whose treatment would render them prematurely infertile, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has decided that vitrification and warming of unfertilised oocytes followed by fertilisation by ICSI results in acceptable subsequent pregnancy rates... [Read More]
Not in front of the children!
29 October 2012 - by Dr Gillian Lockwood
The recent case in which a woman called for legal changes to prevent men from donating sperm without their wife's consent has already drawn interesting responses. However, debates about whether gametes may be regarded as 'marital assets' fail to capture the essence of the woman's sense of injustice. The whole point is 'What do we tell the children?'... [Read More]