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Drug companies and universities team up to create European stem cell bank
10 December 2012 - by Paola Quattroni
Ten drugs companies and 23 European universities will work to develop a stem cell bank that researchers will use in fundamental disease research and to test potential new medicines... [Read More]
Genomic supercomputer promises cancer treatment analysis in under a minute
8 October 2012 - by Paola Quattroni
A computer-based platform which looks to greatly speed up genetic analysis of tumours has been unveiled in the USA. Currently such analysis can take up to eight weeks, the new platform promises to deliver results in just 47 seconds... [Read More]
Genetic mutation identified for insulin sensitivity
17 September 2012 - by Paola Quattroni
The first single gene responsible for insulin sensitivity in humans has been discovered by researchers at the University of Oxford. The discovery has implications for understanding of type II diabetes... [Read More]