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Just five patients but gene therapy leukaemia trial yields positive results
25 March 2013 - by John Brinsley
Early results of an experimental gene therapy against an aggressive form of leukaemia have been hailed by researchers as showing 'life saving potential'.... [Read More]
Genome studies give researchers 'panoramic view' of lung cancer
17 September 2012 - by John Brinsley
A trio of genetic studies published this week greatly expands researchers understanding of lung cancer... [Read More]
'Super-fertility' to blame for some recurrent miscarriages, study suggests
28 August 2012 - by John Brinsley
Women who repeatedly reject pregnancies may be 'too good' at carrying, research indicates... [Read More]
Cambridge University opens Stem Cell Institute
13 August 2012 - by John Brinsley
The University of Cambridge is to open a new stem cell institute following an £8million investment from two of the UK's largest medical research funders.... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by John Brinsley:

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Book Review: Chimera's Children - Ethical, Philosophical and Religious Perspectives on Human-Nonhuman Experimentation
7 January 2013 - by John Brinsley
Mythical ideas of 'chimera', or animals formed or forged of parts derived from various different organisms, have endured throughout history, from Greek folklore and Homer's Iliad through to contemporary science fiction. In fact, organisms arising from human-nonhuman genetic combinations are already with us... [Read More]
Theatre Review: Frankenstein
20 August 2012 - by John Brinsley
With the term 'Frankenstein' having become synonymous with 'mad scientists' who 'play God', and its status as the go-to criticism against any new technology that threatens to interfere with what is deemed 'natural', Shelley's story is as relevant today as ever it was. Indeed, what was once considered so morally abhorrent that it formed the fabric of horror has, with recombinant DNA, IVF, organ donation and embryonic stem cells to name but a few, been realised today several times over... [Read More]