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First patients receive eye stem cell transplants in attempt to restore sight
28 May 2012 - by Ana Pallesen
Two patients with corneal blindness have become the first people in the UK to have stem cells transplanted into their eyes in order to restore their sight... [Read More]
First study of chromosome test suggests increase in IVF success
8 May 2012 - by Ana Pallesen
An IVF test which checks whether embryos carry the correct number of chromosomes could improve the chances of a successful pregnancy, a clinical trial suggests. The test – developed by the biotech company Blue Gnome – is used five days after an egg has been fertilised and helps doctors select which embryos should be implanted during IVF treatment... [Read More]
Six kinds of synthetic DNA created
23 April 2012 - by Ana Pallesen
Six new kinds of artificial genetic material have been created by scientists. These XNAs, or xeno-nucleic acids, have similar life-building properties to naturally-occurring DNA... [Read More]
British lab working with controversial stem cell doctor
16 April 2012 - by Ana Pallesen
A commercial London laboratory is working with a clinic in Lebanon that uses medical techniques that are not verified by the medical community, and fall outside most countries' legal parameters... [Read More]