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BioNews Comment articles written by Fiona Duffy:

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Is fertility law in Ireland set to change?
3 February 2020 - by Fiona Duffy
I reflect with sadness on the slow pace of progress in legislating for assisted human reproduction (AHR) in Ireland. This is all the more poignant when I read the good news coming from France and the recent Court decisions on the recognition of parentage for children born through surrogacy... [Read More]
Hopes and dreams for the new law on assisted human reproduction in Ireland
29 January 2018 - by Fiona Duffy
The Minister for Health in Ireland on the 3 October 2017 disclosed a decision by Government to approve the drafting of a bill on assisted human reproduction (AHR) and associated research... [Read More]
Legislating for assisted conception in Ireland
9 March 2015 - by Fiona Duffy
According to a recent press release from the Department of Health, the Irish Government is finally going to legislate for 'Assisted Human Reproduction and associated research'... [Read More]
Surrogacy in Ireland: A missed opportunity
6 October 2014 - by Fiona Duffy
Why does the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014, published in Ireland on 25 September 2014, contain no provision for surrogacy?... [Read More]
General Scheme of a Children and Family Relationships Bill
10 February 2014 - by Fiona Duffy
Despite the lack of legislation and a regulatory framework in assisted conception, fertility treatment has been widely available in Ireland for many years. But in the absence of legislation, fertility clinics will not provide surrogacy services and many Irish couples requiring the use of a surrogate have, as a result, gone abroad... [Read More]
Guidance for couples going abroad for surrogacy services published in Ireland
5 March 2012 - by Fiona Duffy
The long-awaited guidelines for Irish couples who have children born abroad through surrogacy, issued on 21 February, have all but avoided some of the most fundamental legal issues surrounding surrogacy... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Fiona Duffy:

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TV Review: Bump Pilot (RTE One)
7 October 2019 - by Fiona Duffy
RTE One recently ran a pilot for a new Irish comedy about surrogacy. The pilot, consisting of one episode is part of an RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) and Screen Ireland showcase initiative to support new and emerging Irish talent... [Read More]
Book Review: Without a Doubt - An Irish Couple's Journey Through IVF, Adoption and Surrogacy
15 May 2017 - by Fiona Duffy
When I was first asked to review this book, written by Fiona Whyte and Sean Malone, I can’t say that I was full of enthusiasm at the prospect. I had seen the television documentary, heard some of the radio interviews and the ensuing long discussions concerning the thorny issues raised by the authors... [Read More]