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Panacea of 21st century for ovarian rejuvenation
7 December 2020 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Are mesenchymal stem cells the new theriac of old, a medical concoction originally made by Greeks that was thought to cure all illnesses?... [Read More]
First genome-edited babies: a very different perception of ethics
26 November 2018 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Back in 18th century, British physician Dr Edward Jenner tested his hypothesis that harmless cowpox can prevent deadly smallpox disease on a young boy in exchange for a few coins to his poor parents. In 2018, a Chinese researcher Dr He Jiankui tested genome editing on human embryos in exchange for free IVF treatment. But that's where the parallels end... [Read More]
In depth: Our first look at the human development 'organiser cells'
4 June 2018 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Almost a century ago, Professor Hans Spemann, a German biologist from the University of Freiburg, and his PhD student Hilde Mangold defined a group of cells in newt embryos that triggered development of the central nervous system... [Read More]
Safety matters – can we be sure that CRISPR-Cas9 is not producing unwanted genetic alterations?
3 July 2017 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Recent debate over the safety of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing following a study that suggested it can cause hundreds of unexpected mutations left me puzzled... [Read More]
The craftsmanship of mimicking embryogenesis in a dish
13 March 2017 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
The regulatory mechanisms governing organ development are, in general, poorly defined. To recreate the complex processes involved in organ growth and maturation, scientists have started fiddling with three-dimensional (3D) cell culture... [Read More]
Matching mitochondrial and nuclear DNA: Much ado about nothing?
18 July 2016 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
A match of mitochondrial and nuclear genomes apparently affects healthy ageing in mice. But key questions need to be answered before stirring up implications for human mitochondrial replacement therapies... [Read More]
Growing sperm in the lab: an embryonic science
7 March 2016 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
A recent announcement that scientists had created functioning spermatozoids from mouse embryonic stem cells in the lab made quite a splash in the media. However, one key point seemed to be overlooked... [Read More]
Cutting-edge technology and mitochondrial diseases - where is the limit?
27 July 2015 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Given the complexity of the technology, costs and risks involved, two recently described mitochondrial 'gene-correction' strategies will probably remain as proof-of-concept studies and are unlikely be of practical use in clinical medicine in the foreseeable future... [Read More]
The STAP cell controversy: post factum
7 July 2014 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
Two papers published back to back in Nature took our breath away earlier this year, but the research community soon became sceptical and the published work was subjected to unprecedented scrutiny. How is it possible that something like this could happen?... [Read More]
How to make a mouse from scratch: a few drops of blood, one pinch of salt, and a drop of vinegar…
3 February 2014 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
This apparent witch's recipe is how a group of Japanese scientists have generated new mice: a remarkable finding that proves that true greatness lies in simplicity... [Read More]
John Lennon is dead. Long live John G2 (or not)
2 September 2013 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
I could tell straight away that Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who invested in John Lennon's rotten molar in the hope of cloning the great musician, is a big fan of Michael Crichton's 'Jurassic Park'... [Read More]
Seeing in 3D
29 July 2013 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
We've all heard the stories about Archimedes taking a bath, Newton sitting under an apple tree - about moments when the secrets of nature suddenly revealed themselves to humankind. Well, stem cell science and regenerative medicine are nothing like that!... [Read More]
What Gurdon and Yamanaka's Nobel Prize means to the stem cell community
15 October 2012 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
It took 50 years for the Nobel committee to acknowledge one of the key developments in biology... [Read More]
Crystal ball gazing: human embryonic stem cells in 2012
31 January 2012 - by Dr Dusko Ilic
In the last few months of 2011, a couple of stories on human embryonic stem cells hit the headlines. Both were bad news for stem cell researchers... [Read More]
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