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German court decision raises more questions than answers
9 February 2015 - by Dr Petra Thorn
On 28 January this year the German Federal Court of Justice decided in a landmark court case that donor conceived people have the right to access the identity of their donor - independent of the offspring’s age... [Read More]
Court decision in Germany supports rights of the donor conceived to access their donor's identity
18 February 2013 - by Dr Petra Thorn
On 6 February 2013, the Higher Regional Court in Hamm, Germany, granted a 21-year-old donor conceived woman the right to access the identity of her donor. Further steps must be taken in order to provide a comprehensive legal framework.... [Read More]
Fertility treatment in Germany
19 August 2011 - by Dr Petra Thorn
Germany is said to have one of the most restrictive legislation in the area of assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments. In contrast to the UK, both oocyte donation and surrogacy are prohibited by the Embryo Protection Act. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) has only become permissible as of July this year – it can now be carried out if the child will be born with a severe genetic disease, or if the embryo is so severely impaired that the pregnancy... [Read More]