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Gene modification helps mouse mum tolerate fetus
11 June 2012 - by Dr Maria Teresa Esposito
Immune rejection, the body's defence mechanism, triggered in response to foreign tissues, is a huge problem for transplant operations. But why does a mother's immune system not reject the developing fetus? The answer may lie in modifications to genes that usually activate part of the immune response, according to scientists... [Read More]
New stem cell lab to open in Cape Town
19 September 2011 - by Dr Maria Teresa Esposito
A new stem cell lab in Cape Town, South Africa, has renewed the debate over stem cell banking in the country... [Read More]
Success for early trial of viruses engineered to target tumours
5 September 2011 - by Dr Maria Teresa Esposito
A virus that damages tumours while sparing normal healthy tissue has passed a preliminary test. JX-594, an engineered version of smallpox virus, prevented or reduced further tumour growth in 13 of 23 patients four to ten weeks after they were treated... [Read More]
Ovarian cancer gene discovered
15 August 2011 - by Dr Maria Teresa Esposito
Scientists have discovered a rare genetic fault that raises a woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer six-fold. It has been hailed as the most important discovery in the field in the last ten years, and offers hope for new treatments... [Read More]