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BioNews Comment articles written by Kriss Fearon:

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A victory for consent – but what about the welfare of the child?
11 July 2016 - by Kriss Fearon
A couple whose daughter died of cancer, leaving frozen eggs in storage, has recently won the right to have their request for export reconsidered by the HFEA. There are a number of troubling features of the case which deserve proper scrutiny... [Read More]
Improve donor recruitment: listen to donors
25 July 2011 - by Kriss Fearon
Some of the most persuasive advocates for egg and sperm donation are donors. We become donors because we care about others and are proud of our decision to help infertile people build families. But donors' voices are seldom heard and it's too easy to overlook the impact of our experiences on donor recruitment... [Read More]

BioNews Review articles written by Kriss Fearon:

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Podcast Review: The Immaculate Deception
26 May 2020 - by Kriss Fearon
The widespread availability of home DNA testing has revealed a disturbing trend in cases of fertility fraud, where fertility doctors use their own sperm for donor inseminations instead of sperm from the partner or a donor... [Read More]
Event Review: Launch of the Centre for Reproduction Research, De Montfort University
30 May 2017 - by Kriss Fearon
The opening of the The Centre for Reproduction Research at De Montfort University on 24 March 2017 was marked through an afternoon seminar of short lectures by three leading scholars: Emily Jackson, professor of law at London School of Economics, Maureen McNeil, emeritus professor in sociology at Lancaster University, and Guido Pennings, professor of ethics and bioethics at Ghent University... [Read More]
Radio Review: Dangerous Visions - Produce
31 May 2016 - by Kriss Fearon
'Produce' is an intriguing and believable portrayal of how parents might act when faced with the chance to decide what genes to give to their future child... [Read More]