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BioNews Comment articles written by Professor Naomi Cahn and Wendy Kramer:

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What the kids really want
8 August 2011 - by Professor Naomi Cahn and Wendy Kramer
The largest study to date of donor-conceived people has just been published in Human Reproduction. Its findings show the need to address two different effects of anonymous donating: first, when should children find out that their parents used donor sperm or eggs; and second, should children ever find out the identity of their donors?... [Read More]
The birth of donor offspring rights in the USA?
27 June 2011 - by Professor Naomi Cahn and Wendy Kramer
The fertility industry in the US state of Washington will be transformed in late July 2011, when a new law to recognise rights of donor-conceived people comes into effect. Under the changes, anyone who provides gametes to a fertility clinic in the state must also provide identifying information about themselves and their medical history... [Read More]