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Google Baby: A lesson in global capitalism
4 July 2011 - by Professor Anne Kerr
Zippi Brand Frank's documentary 'Google Baby' gives us a fascinating insight into the global business of making babies. The programme follows an Israeli business man as he recruits commissioning parents via the internet, US brokers and egg donors, Indian assisted conception clinics and gestational surrogates .... [Read More]
The error of our ways? The demise of the HFEA and the prevention of errors in assisted conception
7 March 2011 - by Professor Anne Kerr
Past and present members of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) have challenged the UK Government's plans to abolish it. They say it's led to improvements in access to information and choice for patients, and to better treatment and research through careful regulation and inspection. Recently, the HFEA's record of preventing errors has been given as another reason to retain its special role regulating fertility clinics. But what is the evidence... [Read More]