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Should the Law Commission take a look at the birth registration system?
17 October 2016 - by Dr Julie McCandless
Birth registration seems to be an increasingly 'unstraightforward' procedure for many. Given the impact that birth registration has on wider society, effective law reform cannot be implemented without asking wider questions about the role and purpose of birth registration in contemporary society, as opposed to piecemeal reform of a system that was designed to meet the needs of the early Victorian era... [Read More]
Two men and a baby: pedantic semantics
7 February 2011 - by Dr Julie McCandless
While most of us were trying to forget the overindulgence of the festive season, the news that Elton John and David Furnish had become parents following a surrogacy arrangement hit the headlines. It was not long before a magazine had a picture of this newly formed family on the front cover. In a supermarket in Arkansas it was deemed necessary by the store manager to censor their story and a grey plastic cover-up with the words 'Family shield. To protect young Harps shoppers' (usually reserve... [Read More]