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When you've tried everything under the sun, should you look to the stars?
11 April 2011 - by Sile Lane
At The Fertility Show in November 2010 Nicola Smuts ran a busy booth offering advice for fertility problems. She spoke to couples about finding the optimum time for trying IVF, about sperm motility and morphology, and about number and condition of eggs. She says she has helped scores of women... [Read More]
England’s libel laws are unjust, against the public interest and internationally criticised - there is an urgent need for reform
30 April 2010 - by Sile Lane
On 15 April the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) dropped its libel action against the science writer Simon Singh, bringing to an end a case that had cost 200,000 and taken two years of Simon's life. The BCA had sued Simon following an article he wrote in the Guardian newspaper criticising chiropracty for children... [Read More]