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BioNews Comment articles written by Professor Gedis Grudzinskas:

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The three ages of modern womanhood: don't get pregnant, won't get pregnant... can't get pregnant…
7 September 2009 - by Professor Gedis Grudzinskas
Don't get pregnant: Pregnancy within or without marriage is not perceived to be the norm in a young modern woman's life in the UK or the western world in general... [Read More]
If the same standards were applied to IVF centres as cardiac surgery, then one in five IVF centres in UK would be closed immediately'. True or False?
6 July 2009 - by Professor Gedis Grudzinskas
Having been Medical Director and Person Responsible of at least two of the largest UK IVF centres in both public and private sectors for twenty years, but now in independent practice, one may experience a very different perspective of quality care in IVF centres. This perspective is arrived at quickly and is inevitable, probably for the reasons listed below. One might argue that IVF does not affect patients' lives in the same way as cardiac surgery does. This is perhaps true. However, given t... [Read More]