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BioNews Comment articles written by Professor Eric Blyth and Dr Marilyn Crawshaw:

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Retrospective removal of donor anonymity: respectful, fair, grateful and moral? An evidence-based argument
21 March 2016 - by Professor Eric Blyth and Dr Marilyn Crawshaw
The Government of Victoria should be applauded for confronting a dilemma that so many others have avoided... [Read More]
Breaches of the HFEA's donor 'ten family' limit - who should be told what?
19 January 2015 - by Professor Eric Blyth and Dr Marilyn Crawshaw
Freedom of Information requests and email correspondence reveal the HFEA's singular lack of coherence as regards breaches of its family-limit policy... [Read More]
Countdown begins for ending donor anonymity in British Columbia: Lessons for us all?
6 June 2011 - by Professor Eric Blyth and Dr Marilyn Crawshaw
The regulation of assisted human reproduction in Canada has had a long and tortuous history. Twenty one years after a Royal Commission appointed by the federal government recommended legislation (1), and following several failed attempts to get legislation through the Canadian parliament, the Assisted Human Reproduction Act 2004 came into force (2)... [Read More]
'Think of a number, then double it': playing a numbers game with donor conception?
24 November 2008 - by Professor Eric Blyth and Dr Marilyn Crawshaw
The report of the British Fertility Society's (BFS) Working Party on Sperm Donation Services in the UK (1) recently hit the headlines, following an associated editorial in the British Medical Journal (2). However, the report's proposals for a fundamental overhaul of the current arrangements for organising donor recruitment were considered... [Read More]