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The question of embryohood
4 May 2021 - by Professor David Jones
Students of bioethics sometimes imagine that the philosophical, moral and legal status of the human embryo is reducible to the single question: 'Is the human embryo a person?'... [Read More]
Is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority fit for purpose?
13 September 2010 - by Professor David Jones
In the early 1980s many people both inside and outside Parliament were seeking to prohibit experimentation on human embryos. In response, the government convened a committee of enquiry, aiming by that means to circumvent the possibility of a ban. The Warnock Report duly concluded that 'the embryo of the human species should be afforded some protection in law'. The committee was in favour of research involving the destruction of human embryos but... [Read More]
'Is the human embryo sacrosanct?' - A mainstream Catholic view
16 November 2008 - by Professor David Jones
I think the title of Progress Educational Trust's forthcoming conference ('Is the embryo sacrosanct? Multi-faith perspectives.' - see Recommends for details) has been very well chosen. It connects with other kinds of questions - legal, scientific, theological - but in itself it is a specifically moral or ethical question. 'Is the human embryo... [Read More]