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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Philippa Brice:

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Making the most of genomics for health
24 May 2010 - by Dr Philippa Brice
The 2008 'House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Report' on Genomic Medicine failed to adequately reflect the realities of genomics and health, according to a new report released on 18th May 2010... [Read More]
Expert recommendations for earlier, safer prenatal diagnosis
16 February 2009 - by Dr Philippa Brice
Cell-free fetal nucleic acids - DNA or the related molecule RNA - are present in the blood. As has previously been reviewed, the discovery that a small proportion of the cell-free nucleic acids in the mother's blood during pregnancy actually comes from the fetus paved the way for new techniques to exploit... [Read More]
Advances in non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and care: free fetal DNA
16 June 2008 - by Dr Philippa Brice
Antenatal care in the UK includes various forms of screening intended to assess the health of the mother and fetus; at present this includes the use of ultrasound imaging to check on physical development of the fetus, and serum screening using maternal blood to determine blood group, identify the presence... [Read More]