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The problem with 21st Century Motherhood
17 August 2009 - by Dr Sammy Lee
Did the death of Maria Bousada change public attitudes to the modern phenomenon headlined as 'Oldest Mums'? The world's media certainly made hay and the news reverberated for a few days; and it seems likely that the Channel 4 documentary 'the Worlds Oldest Mums' was rescheduled to screen early to catch the media wave which the death generated. The aftermath, though, of this tsunami seems to have largely been relative indifference.... [Read More]
The Australian 'Wrongful Birth Claim': A Healthy Baby is a Blessing
8 October 2007 - by Dr Sammy Lee
Last week, BioNews reported on an ongoing Australian case in which an IVF mother is suing her consultant specialist for negligence concerning the birth of her healthy twins, on the basis of her express wish to have had only a singleton pregnancy and one child. The case has taken on... [Read More]