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From principles to practice: implementing genetic database governance
2 June 2008 - by Dr Sue Gibbons
Biobanking is flourishing. Techniques and technologies are evolving rapidly. Demand for harmonised standards, especially to facilitate cross-border data and biosample sharing and database interoperability, is mounting. Within this changing environment, the need to develop appropriate, legitimate and effective human genetic database governance frameworks - at national, regional and international levels - is... [Read More]
Governing genetic databases - collection, storage and use
25 June 2007 - by Dr Sue Gibbons
Human genetics research is undergoing rapid and dramatic growth. Over recent years, human genetic databases, or 'biobanks', have burgeoned in number, size and sophistication. Many countries are developing population-scale collections, such as UK Biobank, to investigate complex common diseases. Meanwhile, both biomedical researchers and criminal forensic scientists are seeking greater... [Read More]