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Discretion and not duty: Why there should not be an obligation on healthcare professionals to share genetic information with family member
17 September 2006 - by Professor Graeme Laurie
I>Duty and not Discretion? Should a genetics or other health care professional (HCP) be under a duty to disclose genetic information to family members who may, or may not, be affected by a genetic disease? Our concern here is not the possible existence of a moral duty to... [Read More]
Genetics and insurance: Should the moratorium continue?
6 February 2004 - by Professor Graeme Laurie
The Human Genetics Commission (HGC) MORI poll of public attitudes towards human genetic information showed that reliance on genetic information in insurance decisions is considered to be the least appropriate use of that information. Four out of every five respondents decried such a use. It was as a result of... [Read More]