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BioNews Comment articles written by Dr Evan Harris:

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The demise of the HFEA - don't lament (or celebrate) too soon, it may never happen
2 August 2010 - by Dr Evan Harris
In its quick review of Arm's Length Bodies, published last week, the Government announced the HFEA would be disbanded. The news was welcomed by some, criticised by others and the HFEA put out a fairly terse statement... [Read More]
Making Laws about making babies
6 February 2006 - by Dr Evan Harris
The recent report from the Human Genetics Commission (HGC) - the UK government's advisory body on genetics - 'Making Babies: Reproductive decisions and genetic technologies' is the latest in a series of reports on the state of the law on assisted reproduction in the UK. The House of Commons Science and Technology... [Read More]
The HFEA's silence on the need for a father
7 November 2005 - by Dr Evan Harris
This week, BioNews reports that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has published its proposed new guidance to licensed clinics on how to interpret the 'welfare of the child' principle laid down in section 13(5) of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990. The new guidance moves matters on... [Read More]