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Why the mitochondria debate shouldn't be left to the popular media
25 June 2012 - by Dr Virginia Bolton
Predictably, the publication of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics' report supporting further research into a technique to prevent inheritance of mitochondrial disease prompted a flurry of publicity. Equally predictably, nearly every newspaper - whether broadsheet or tabloid - went for the sensationalist angle and used the 'three-parent IVF' tag in their headline... [Read More]
Healthy babies with two parents (oh, and a tiny bit of DNA from someone else)
12 September 2005 - by Dr Virginia Bolton
This week saw another very positive illustration of the rigour and effectiveness of the regulatory system that exists in the UK to licence research using human embryos. However, it also highlighted ambiguities in the wording of the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which is currently the focus of a... [Read More]