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Why we should use mild stimulation in egg donation
30 November 2020 - by Professor Guido Pennings
There are two strong ethical reasons to avoid harm to egg donors: a duty to minimise harm and the proportionality rule... [Read More]
Expanded carrier screening: ignoring the interests of gamete donors?
17 August 2020 - by Professor Guido Pennings
More and more fertility centres are imposing expanded carrier screening (ECS) on their gamete donors. ECS allows for the detection of the carrier status of hundreds of recessive disorders in donors who are not at an increased risk... [Read More]
Looking for genetic relatives in genetic databases is harmful and wrong
20 May 2019 - by Professor Guido Pennings
More and more people are using DNA testing websites. The curiosity about one's ancestry seems to be growing, especially in the USA. In doing so, millions of people are giving away all rights to their genetic information without much concern about what can or will be done with it... [Read More]
Donor children do not benefit from being told about their conception
15 May 2017 - by Professor Guido Pennings
For some years now, counsellors and psychologists have been spreading the message that it's in the best interest of children to know if they are donor conceived. However, my recent literature review has shown that there is in fact very little empirical evidence to support this position... [Read More]
Disrespectful and immoral: retrospective legislation on donor anonymity
14 March 2016 - by Professor Guido Pennings
The State Legislature of Victoria has decided unilaterally to break their agreements with the sperm donors who donated before 1998 and will reveal their identity. It is difficult to imagine a measure that shows more disrespect for both donors and recipients... [Read More]
Cross-border reproductive care in Europe
26 August 2008 - by Professor Guido Pennings
The European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) has been concerned about the development of cross-border infertility treatment for some time. There are three reasons for this: the frequently negative publicity for infertility treatment presented as 'reproductive tourism', the increasing numbers and the risks for patients. ESHRE has taken... [Read More]
Egg sharing and reimbursement of IVF
21 August 2006 - by Professor Guido Pennings
Egg sharing remains a highly controversial procedure. The discussion on whether or not egg sharing in return for a free or reduced IVF cycle constitutes a kind of payment has been going on since the very beginning of the practice. However, from an ethical point of view, it might be... [Read More]
Sperm and egg donation: a system of need-adjusted reciprocity
8 July 2005 - by Professor Guido Pennings
The abolition of gamete donor anonymity has led to a greater shortage of candidate donors (including sperm donors) in several countries. All kinds of solutions have been proposed, including increased payment. Another solution, namely egg sharing, has been criticised by some as morally dubious. In the meantime, as the SEED... [Read More]
A 'social compensation tax' for social sexing
11 April 2005 - by Professor Guido Pennings
The recommendations of the recent report by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee in the UK have stirred up the discussion on social sex selection. Over the years, the discussion on sex selection has been seriously hampered by the high emotional engagement of the participants. As a consequence... [Read More]