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With advances in embryo research, it's time to bring abortion law out of the Victorian age
31 May 2016 - by Professor Sally Sheldon
News that scientists have managed to keep alive embryos beyond the point at which they would normally implant in the womb has led to calls for the 14-day limit on embryo research to be extended. It also highlights a fundamental problem in the regulation of abortion... [Read More]
Is it a harm to be born with different skin colour to your parents?
18 July 2011 - by Professor Sally Sheldon
The Northern Ireland Court of Appeal last month ruled on the case of A and B brought by twins born with different skin colour to their parents and to each other. Upon their birth, it had been discovered that their mother had been mistakenly inseminated with sperm from a 'Caucasian (Cape-coloured)' donor... [Read More]
Stored Embryos, Gender Equality and the Meaning of Parenthood
8 December 2006 - by Professor Sally Sheldon
2006 has witnessed significant litigation regarding the disposal of stored embryos. In the UK, the long-running court battle waged by Natallie Evans has reached its final chapter. Having lost her ovaries to cancer treatment, previously stored embryos created from Ms Evans' eggs and her ex-partner's sperm represent Ms Evans' last... [Read More]
What the House of Lords Hashmi ruling really means
7 May 2005 - by Professor Sally Sheldon
The recent House of Lords decision in Quintavalle (on behalf of Comment on Reproductive Ethics) v HFEA [2005] represents what will hopefully be the last stage in a long legal battle for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and Raj and Shahana Hashmi. The Hashmis have a son of... [Read More]