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Personalised medicine: a reality check
5 November 2012 - by Professor Donna Dickenson
The soaring promises made by personalised medicine advocates are probably loftier than in any other medical or scientific realm today. Francis Collins, former co-director of the Human Genome Project, wrote: 'We are on the leading edge of a true revolution in medicine, one that promises to transform the traditional "one size fits all" approach into a much more powerful strategy'... [Read More]
Bioethics à la Française: the new French bioethics laws
29 March 2010 - by Professor Donna Dickenson
'Certain countries in Europe, France in particular, are trying to resist the ultra-liberal individualist ideology of the reproductive market. It's too bad that some other countries have maintained a conspiracy of silence on that subject.' ... [Read More]
Should the UK have a national ethics committee?
13 October 2008 - by Professor Donna Dickenson
The UK is virtually alone in western Europe in not having a national medical ethics committee established by the government. France has had such a committee for nearly twenty-five years, and most of our other neighbours, including Denmark, Ireland and Germany, have long since followed suit. Our nearest equivalent is... [Read More]
A national bioethics committee - lessons from France
6 December 2004 - by Professor Donna Dickenson
While some UK commentators debate setting up a national bioethics committee to supplement or rival the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), France is doing the reverse: creating a new statutory national biomedicine regulatory authority, in addition to its 20-year old national ethics committee. After January 2005, the CCNE... [Read More]