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Sperm donation: terms and conditions apply
9 November 2020 - by Professor Emily Jackson
It was recently reported that a sperm donor had sued a fertility clinic after discovering that his sperm had been used in the treatment of same-sex couples against his wishes... [Read More]
Prisoners, their wives and the right to reproduce
30 April 2006 - by Professor Emily Jackson
In the recent case of Dickson v UK, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), by a majority, decided that the British government's decision to deny a prisoner and his wife access to artificial insemination (AI) facilities was compatible with their rights under the European Convention of Human Rights, as... [Read More]
Donor anonymity and rights
23 January 2004 - by Professor Emily Jackson
The announcement that the government intends to remove anonymity from sperm, egg and embryo donors was framed in terms of rights: the child's right to information about her genetic origins should, it was argued, take priority over the donor's right to privacy. This appeal to rights is unsurprising. The UN... [Read More]
Interpreting the House of Lords' decision on cloning
14 April 2003 - by Professor Emily Jackson
Because the UK House of Lords' decision in 'R (on the application of Quintavalle) v Secretary of State for Health' simply confirms that the law regulating the production of cloned embryos is as the Government had assumed it to be before the Pro-Life Alliance began its legal challenge in the... [Read More]