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FILM: From the archive - Baroness Mary Warnock talks to the Progress Educational Trust
1 April 2019 - by BioNews
Following the recent death of Baroness Mary Warnock (Patron of the Progress Educational Trust, which publishes BioNews) we present this film of Mary from our archives... [Read More]

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Correction: Sperm screening needs to be overhauled
30 November 2009 - by BioNews
In BioNews 535, we published a commentary by Wendy Kramer in which she stated that 'using a donor with reciprocal translocations is potentially even more likely to produce sick children than donors with autosomal dominant disorders. The chances for a chromosomally abnormal child are thirty out of thirty-two (Scriven, 1998)'. However, this interpretation is incorrect and potentially misleading, the author of the paper has since informed us.... [Read More]
Clarification: Gene test aims to predict reproductive lifespan
15 November 2009 - by BioNews
In BioNews 533, we reported on a new study suggesting an association between early ovarian decline and variations in the number of 'CGG' repeats present in a gene called FMR1. Whilst this finding is novel, we would like to clarify that the FMR1 gene has been known for many years, since the presence of excess CGG repeats causes the common genetic condition Fragile X syndrome in boys who inherit the mutation.... [Read More]
Correction: Tackling issues in cross-border reproductive care
22 May 2009 - by BioNews
In BioNews 508, we published a commentary by Professor Eric Blyth in which he stated that the first International Forum on Cross-Border Reproductive Care, hosted by the Canadian government, took place in January 2008. This should have read 'January 2009', the author has since advised us. A corrected version of... [Read More]
Clarification: HFEA rebuked by medical risk expert
12 May 2009 - by BioNews
Last week BioNews reported on a letter published in The Sunday Times newspaper in which Brian Toft, professor of patient safety at Coventry University, declared the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) - the UK Government's fertility watchdog - 'unfit for purpose'. BioNews would like to clarify that Professor Toft is not... [Read More]
Correction: Fertility watchdog investigates serious IVF mix-ups at London hospital
12 May 2009 - by BioNews
Last week BioNews reported that, speaking to The Sunday Times, an HFEA spokesperson said that mistakes due to human error only occur in 0.5 per cent of cases. BioNews has since been informed by the HFEA that this figure was misquoted in the newspaper, and that the true figure for... [Read More]
500 fivers appeal tops £1000 mark as BioNews publishes 500th issue
23 March 2009 - by BioNews
Last week we made a special birthday wish for our 500 fivers appeal reach a total of £1000 in time for the 500th issue of BioNews, published today. It was a close call, but we're pleased to report that thanks to your kindness and support we've now raised a total... [Read More]
CLARIFICATION: UK scientists announce ground-breaking stem cell therapy trial
16 February 2009 - by BioNews
In BioNews 491 we reported that a Glasgow-based team had announced plans to trial a pioneering stem cell therapy, which they hope could help reverse the symptoms of stroke. The article said: 'The trial has been fiercely opposed by pro-life groups, who believe that an embryo has equivalent moral status... [Read More]
Correction: Posthumous retrieval of gametes: a case of deja vu?
1 December 2008 - by BioNews
In BioNews issue 484 we published a commentary on the recent 'L' decision. Since that time, we have been in communication with Diane Blood and also the solicitor acting for 'L' with respect to the article's accuracy. In the light of the comments made by these parties, we have altered... [Read More]
Correction: Slow-frozen embryos seem to produce healthier babies in IVF
24 November 2008 - by BioNews
In BioNews 484, we published a story reporting on new evidence to suggest that in IVF 'vitrified' embryos may be better than 'fresh' embryos. It has been brought to our attention that the technique used to store embryos in these studies was in fact 'slow-freezing', or 'controlled-rate freezing', and not... [Read More]
Correction: New method for egg freezing may improve IVF success rates
2 October 2008 - by BioNews
In BioNews 471 we published a story which used the term 'freezing' to describe a new embryo preservation technique known as 'vitrification'. It has been brought to our attention that 'freezing' is not an accurate description of the vitrification process, which in fact uses certain chemicals and processes to avoid... [Read More]