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Genome-wide association study (GWAS)

A genome-wide association study examines the whole genomes of a large number of individuals, to see if any particular genetic variants are associated with particular traits in those individuals.

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Book Review: The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA matters for social equality 18 October 2021 Review
Depression during pregnancy linked to epigenetic changes in the placenta 11 October 2021 News
Gene that determines severity of COVID-19 discovered 4 October 2021 News
Professor Matt Brown announced as chief scientific officer at Genomics England 31 August 2021 News
Event Review: Shining a Light on Genetic Disorders – Genetic eye disorders 12 July 2021 Review
Gene carried by one in 3000 men increases risk of type 2 diabetes 12 July 2021 News
Genes drive sexual and reproductive behaviour 12 July 2021 News
Qatar leads the way in mapping genetic risk factors for the Arab population 22 March 2021 Comment
Daytime napping is partly regulated by your genes 8 March 2021 News
Differences in gene expression may explain mental disorder symptoms 15 February 2021 News
Gene regions identified that may influence our facial features 15 February 2021 News
Genetic variants linked to severe COVID-19 identified 14 December 2020 News
Event Review: COVID-19 – Evidence and limitations of genetics in relation to BAME groups 14 September 2020 Review
Gene helps explain higher stroke risk for black people 17 August 2020 News
Polycystic ovary syndrome may have more than two different subtypes 29 June 2020 News
Scientists find five times more genes linked to breast cancer than were previously known 13 January 2020 News
Study finds 44 genes linked to hearing loss 30 September 2019 News
Study reveals genes linked to left-handedness 9 September 2019 News
No single 'gay gene' suggest genome studies 2 September 2019 News
Anorexia linked to genetics, suggests study 22 July 2019 News
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