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Relating to parts of our biology that can be inherited by the next generation (the DNA in egg and sperm cells, and their precursors).

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Call for temporary ban on heritable genome editing in humans 18 March 2019 News
China drafts new regulations on 'high risk' biomedical technologies 4 March 2019 News
The future of fertility law: what must change and when? 21 January 2019 Comment
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act: Is it broke and should we fix it? 17 December 2018 Comment
Genome editing in humans could become both ethical and prudent if properly regulated 3 December 2018 Comment
BPA-free plastics harm eggs and sperm in mice 17 September 2018 News
Radio Review: Biohacking – BBC Radio 4 10 September 2018 Review
Scientists base-edit first viable human embryos 28 August 2018 News
Australia's careful step towards legalising mitochondrial donation 9 July 2018 Comment
First full genital transplant performed in the USA 30 April 2018 News
USA announces $190 million for genome editing research 29 January 2018 News
Revolutionising reproduction: setting a new moral compass 22 January 2018 Comment
The wild east and the worried west: pioneers or outlaws? 15 January 2018 Comment
Canadian scientists call for end to criminal ban on germline genome-editing 13 November 2017 News
Why germline genome editing may be discriminatory 13 November 2017 Comment
How should we discuss genome editing in public? 2 October 2017 Comment
Podcast Review: The Life Scientific - Jennifer Doudna 25 September 2017 Review
Book Review: A Crack in Creation - Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution 21 August 2017 Review
We need to talk about... CRISPR 21 August 2017 Comment
International genetics groups advocate germline CRISPR research 7 August 2017 News
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