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Clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats. (in bacteria) segments of DNA used for defence against pathogens; (in genome editing) refers to the CRISPR/Cas system used to edit DNA at specific locations in the genome.

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Revamped CRISPR can edit more locations in the genome 5 March 2018 News
CRISPR pioneer's lab develops system to target infections and cancer 19 February 2018 News
Radio review: Science in Action - CRISPR immunity 5 February 2018 Review
China has treated 86 people with CRISPR genome editing 29 January 2018 News
USA announces $190 million for genome editing research 29 January 2018 News
Podcast Review: Naked Genetics - The Future of Genomic Medicine 22 January 2018 Review
What next for genome editing? Politics and the public 15 January 2018 Comment
New CRISPR technique reverses diabetes and kidney failure in mice without cutting DNA 11 December 2017 News
Real-time film shows CRISPR in action 20 November 2017 News
Broad Institute responds to Berkeley CRISPR patent appeal 30 October 2017 News
'CRISPR-Gold' repairs muscular dystrophy gene in mouse model 9 October 2017 News
CRISPR used to uncover new drug targets for cancer 2 October 2017 News
How should we discuss genome editing in public? 2 October 2017 Comment
Video review: TED - Editing Our Evolution 2 October 2017 Review
Podcast Review: The Life Scientific - Jennifer Doudna 25 September 2017 Review
Podcast Review: Editing the Embryo - removing harmful gene mutations 4 September 2017 Review
Book Review: A Crack in Creation - Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution 21 August 2017 Review
We need to talk about... CRISPR 21 August 2017 Comment
Dozens of new gene targets for cancer immunotherapy found 14 August 2017 News
EPO awards CRISPR patent to European biotech 14 August 2017 News
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