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A form of intellectual property. The owners of a patent are granted a temporary monopoly over an invention (a right to exclude others from making, using or selling it) in exchange for detailed public disclosure of the invention

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Human germline genome editing could be curbed by patent law 6 September 2021 News
Dispute resumes as US patent office re-examines CRISPR invention 1 July 2019 News
Illumina wins NIPT patent case in UK High Court 27 November 2017 News
Broad Institute responds to Berkeley CRISPR patent appeal 30 October 2017 News
Book Review: A Crack in Creation - Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution 21 August 2017 Review
CRISPR patent dispute ramps up with filing of court appeal 31 July 2017 News
Key CRISPR players agree to patent pool 17 July 2017 News
China sides with Berkeley on CRISPR patent 3 July 2017 News
The CRISPR patent dispute - Europe and the US 2 May 2017 Comment
University of California win CRISPR patent battle in Europe 3 April 2017 News
Broad Institute CRISPR patents upheld 20 February 2017 News
Hearings begin in CRISPR US patent dispute 12 December 2016 News
MIT student claims CRISPR patent not earned 22 August 2016 News
US Supreme Court blocks review of Sequenom patent appeal 4 July 2016 News
MIT CRISPR team turn to RNA 6 June 2016 News
Genetics company launches huge open-access database 14 March 2016 News
Illumina sues UK startup over genome-sequencing patents 29 February 2016 News
Row breaks out over 'official history' of CRISPR 25 January 2016 News
US starts formal investigation into CRISPR patents 18 January 2016 News
US court refuses Sequenom appeal for prenatal test patent 7 December 2015 News
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