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Ovarian cancer

Cancer that forms in tissues of the ovary (one of a pair of female reproductive glands in which the ova, or eggs, are formed). 

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FANCI gene mutation more common in ovarian cancer patients 13 December 2021 News
Advances in Assisted Reproduction: What Can We Expect? 11 October 2021 Comment
Two-drug approach could offer hope to ovarian cancer patients 27 September 2021 News
Genetic screening provides actionable findings in one in six people 31 August 2021 News
BRCA2 DNA repair errors implicated in infertility 23 August 2021 News
Report recommends more scrutiny for direct-to-consumer genomic tests 16 August 2021 Comment
PARP inhibitor is most effective in ovarian cancer patients with DNA repair mutations 10 May 2021 News
Olaparib extends life of ovarian cancer patients with BRCA1/2 26 April 2021 News
3D imaging of endometrium will help to understand implantation of embryo 19 April 2021 News
'Virtual biopsies' could replace tissue biopsies for ovarian cancer 11 January 2021 News
IVF does not increase long-term risk of ovarian cancer 23 November 2020 News
Ovarian cancer blood test more effective than previously thought 2 November 2020 News
Saving lives with early breast and ovarian cancer screening 20 July 2020 News
New drug stops cancer cells from repairing their DNA 29 June 2020 News
Organoids used to study ovarian cancer 1 June 2020 News
Breast and ovarian cancer drug repurposed to treat prostate cancer 4 May 2020 News
Predicting patients benefits from new ovarian cancer treatment 23 March 2020 News
Statins may lower the risk of ovarian cancer 24 February 2020 News
Podcast Review: The Dangers of DIY Genetic Testing (Science Weekly, The Guardian) 28 October 2019 Review
Health reports from direct-to-consumer genetic tests 'woefully incomplete' 21 October 2019 News
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