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A group of diseases that start when the signals that control how much and how often cells divide stop working properly. This causes cells to grow and multiply too much, and eventually to invade other tissues.

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Gene involved in sense of smell may play a role in breast cancer metastasis 10 January 2022 News
Human embryo gene expression starts at one-cell stage 10 January 2022 News
Knot-like DNA structures may drive cancer development 10 January 2022 News
Early male and female germ cells regulate their gene expression differently 13 December 2021 News
FANCI gene mutation more common in ovarian cancer patients 13 December 2021 News
Four-stranded DNA structure interactions play role in ageing syndrome 13 December 2021 News
Candidate drug targeting metastasis could stop cancer spreading 6 December 2021 News
Empowerment, privacy and the rise of FemTech 6 December 2021 Comment
World's first self-replicating biological robots 6 December 2021 News
Cancer cells grow by sucking mitochondria out of immune cells 29 November 2021 News
Testicular tissue rejuvenation trial hoped for in Scotland 29 November 2021 News
CRISPR genome editing may select for cells with cancer-associated mutations 22 November 2021 News
Researchers shed light on genetics of endometrial cancer risk 22 November 2021 News
Whole Genome Sequencing at Birth: What Should Be Looked For? What Should Be Fed Back? 22 November 2021 Comment
Rare disease diagnosis improved by whole genome sequencing 15 November 2021 News
Whole genome sequencing to improve child cancer outcomes 15 November 2021 News
Embryonic stem cells can self-destruct when defective 8 November 2021 News
New method refines CRISPR base editing 1 November 2021 News
Children born with rare immune disease still healthy ten years after gene therapy 25 October 2021 News
Henrietta Lacks' estate sues Thermo Fisher over HeLa cell profits 18 October 2021 News
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