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A group of diseases that start when the signals that control how much and how often cells divide stop working properly. This causes cells to grow and multiply too much, and eventually to invade other tissues.

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Podcast Review: Ingenious 26 July 2021 Review
Gene carried by one in 3000 men increases risk of type 2 diabetes 12 July 2021 News
Childhood obesity linked to genomic instability which is a hallmark of most cancers 5 July 2021 News
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Mutated cells 'hijack ageing gene' to initiate cancer 21 June 2021 News
Potential new approach identified for treating BRCA-related cancers 21 June 2021 News
What's in the Pipeline for Male Infertility? 21 June 2021 Comment
UK government to develop global standards and policies to share genomic data 24 May 2021 News
Machine learning technique detects epigenetic drivers of cancers 17 May 2021 News
Tumour cells alter 3D structure of DNA to boost activity of oncogenes 17 May 2021 News
Potential genetic target for leukaemia treatment identified 10 May 2021 News
Sensing changes in DNA structure implicated in disease 10 May 2021 News
Failure in sperm growth is linked to testicular cancer 4 May 2021 News
New algorithm developed to improve personalised cancer therapy 4 May 2021 News
New sequencing method for studying genetic changes in any human tissue 4 May 2021 News
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