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A gene on chromosome 17, which instructs the cell to make a protein that normally helps to repair damaged DNA and suppress cell growth. A person who inherits certain mutations in a BRCA1 gene has a higher risk of getting breast cancer and certain other types of cancer.

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Widen breast cancer gene screening, says US taskforce 27 August 2019 News
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23andMe test for cancer risk gains FDA approval 12 March 2018 News
PET patron wins prestigious award 12 February 2018 News
Screening all women over 30 for BRCA could prevent 64,000 cancers 22 January 2018 News
BRCA gene does not affect survival in those treated for breast cancer 15 January 2018 News
Seventy-two new gene targets for breast cancer found 30 October 2017 News
Gene test could improve prediction of breast cancer risk 16 October 2017 News
Researchers crack how BRCA1 gene raises cancer risk 9 October 2017 News
Lifetime cancer risk predicted for BRCA mutation carriers 26 June 2017 News
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