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CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)

Set up by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, CCGs are responsible for the commissioning of most hospital and community NHS services in local areas. CCGs replaced Primary Care Trusts from April 2013 and are overseen by NHS England. All GP practices now belong to CCGs.

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Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes CCG to consult on reducing fertility services 4 October 2021 News
IVF treatment on the NHS to return in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 12 July 2021 News
Investigation reveals barriers to lesbian couples seeking fertility treatment 21 June 2021 News
Cambridgeshire CCG to review IVF policy 7 June 2021 News
Levelling up in London? 17 May 2021 Comment
An All-Consuming Problem? How to Protect Patients in the Fertility Market 18 January 2021 Comment
IVF postcode lottery for breast cancer patients 24 August 2020 News
Relationship status and BMI used to determine access to IVF 17 August 2020 News
Book Review: The Law of Assisted Reproduction 13 July 2020 Review
Improving choices for fertility patients during a pandemic 27 April 2020 Comment
Manchester IVF clinic at risk of closure amid increasing privatisations 27 April 2020 News
National standards needed for IVF cycles, says health minister 2 March 2020 News
Essex CCG considers bringing back NHS IVF 27 January 2020 News
IVF Fairness petition closed due to UK election 11 November 2019 News
Teen cancer patients not told about fertility risks 27 October 2019 News
NHS group denies single women IVF treatment 27 August 2019 News
Single mother families formed through assisted reproduction: the evidence 27 August 2019 Comment
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG suspends funded IVF indefinitely 12 August 2019 News
IVF postcode lottery 'blights patients' lives and damages the NHS' reputation', says minister 24 June 2019 News
HFEA issues first commissioning guidance for fertility treatment 3 June 2019 News
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