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DCN (Donor Conception Network)

A UK charity established in 1993 which supports donor-conceived people, their families, and people considering or undergoing donor-assisted conception treatment. It is made up of a supportive network of 1,600 families, based mainly in the UK.

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Education Review: Primary Schools Resources - The Donor Conception Network 19 March 2018 Review
Personal genetic testing and the implications for the donor conception community 26 February 2018 Comment
The wild east and the worried west: pioneers or outlaws? 15 January 2018 Comment
Dutch sperm donor may have fathered 102 children 29 August 2017 News
Donor-conceived people do benefit from being told about their conception 30 May 2017 Comment
Book Review: Telling and Talking about Donor Conception with People Aged 17 and Over - A Guide for Parents 22 May 2017 Review
Birth Certificates and Assisted Reproduction: Setting the Record Straight? 24 October 2016 Comment
Should the Law Commission take a look at the birth registration system? 17 October 2016 Comment
Sperm donor children with single parents 'well adjusted' 11 July 2016 News
We must support parents in being open with their donor-conceived children 30 November 2015 Comment
Ten years since the end of donor anonymity: what next? 16 November 2015 Comment
Over 500 UK sperm donors have 'fathered' more than ten children each 26 August 2014 News
Book Review: Letters to My Donor 17 June 2014 Review
Do genes matter? Families under the microscope 2 June 2014 Comment
Do Genes Matter? Families and Donor Conception 28 May 2014 Comment
Book Review: Relative Strangers - Family Life, Genes and Donor Conception 12 May 2014 Review
Response to Ben Saer 20 May 2013 Comment
Enough of Nuffield – let's stop sidelining donors 13 May 2013 Comment
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