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HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority)

A UK non-departmental public body established by an Act of Parliament in 1990, which regulates treatment using eggs and sperm, and treatment and research involving human embryos. It sets standards for, and issues licences to, fertility treatment and embryo research centres.

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How to safely deliver fertility treatments in the COVID-19 era: the controversy of guidelines 29 June 2020 Comment
Fertility clinics charge up to £400 for coronavirus tests 22 June 2020 News
New Year, new job, new challenge: from fertility to frontline 22 June 2020 Comment
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'Authorised to resume licensed treatments' following COVID-19 closure: what does this actually mean for a fertility clinic? 8 June 2020 Comment
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HFEA supports a move towards a longer storage period for fertility patients 1 June 2020 Comment
Counselling is more important than ever as clinics seek to reopen their doors 26 May 2020 Comment
It's crucial to listen to patients' perspectives as fertility clinics prepare to reopen 26 May 2020 Comment
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