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HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority)

A UK non-departmental public body established by an Act of Parliament in 1990, which regulates treatment using eggs and sperm, and treatment and research involving human embryos. It sets standards for, and issues licences to, fertility treatment and embryo research centres.

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First legal challenge to 10-year limit on egg freezing 18 March 2019 News
Four in 10 young women would consider egg freezing 18 March 2019 News
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Extending the ten-year storage limit for frozen eggs 25 February 2019 Comment
No scientific basis for ten-year egg freezing limit, says minister 25 February 2019 News
Judge calls for law review after trans man gives birth 18 February 2019 News
Book Review: Legalising Mitochondrial Donation 4 February 2019 Review
The HFEA statement on add-ons in IVF can turn hope into reality 4 February 2019 Comment
10-year limit on egg freezing is 'debilitating' for women, says former HFEA chair 28 January 2019 News
40 years of IVF: past, present and future 28 January 2019 Comment
HFEA: patients should not pay for unproven IVF 'add-ons' 21 January 2019 News
The future of fertility law: what must change and when? 21 January 2019 Comment
What is an 'add-on' and why does it matter? 21 January 2019 Comment
Book Review: Regulating Assisted Reproductive Technologies – New Horizons 7 January 2019 Review
Science marches on: key scientific developments in embryo research 7 January 2019 Comment
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act: Is it broke and should we fix it? 17 December 2018 Comment
Two-thirds of fertility patients feel ripped off by IVF clinics 17 December 2018 News
Why the UK High Court has granted non-parentage in a case of embryo adoption 10 December 2018 Comment
Genome editing in humans could become both ethical and prudent if properly regulated 3 December 2018 Comment
I remember where I was when I heard about the world's first genome-edited babies 3 December 2018 Comment
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