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Genetic variant

A relatively common alternative version of the DNA sequence in a gene, that by itself does not cause a single gene disorder.

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Anorexia linked to genetics, suggests study 22 July 2019 News
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First genes linked to ADHD discovered 3 December 2018 News
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Multiple genes implicated in suicide by family genome study 26 November 2018 News
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Tea or coffee preference may be down to your genes 19 November 2018 News
FDA approves DNA test for predicting drug effectiveness – if it carries warnings 5 November 2018 News
Bring on the bots: Chatbots will make genetic counselling services more accessible 22 October 2018 Comment
Genome editing treats inherited liver disease PKU in mice 22 October 2018 News
£40 gene test could predict heart disease risk 15 October 2018 News
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