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Genetic variant

A relatively common alternative version of the DNA sequence in a gene, that by itself does not cause a single gene disorder.

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£40 gene test could predict heart disease risk 15 October 2018 News
Whose genome is it anyway? Big Data and your DNA 15 October 2018 Comment
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CRISPR used in stem cell model to predict heart risk 25 June 2018 News
Genome study finds shared genes in psychiatric disorders 25 June 2018 News
Genetic test identifies very highest risk men for prostate cancer 18 June 2018 News
Genes for depression risk mapped in global study 30 April 2018 News
Estonia to DNA test 1 in 10 citizens to give lifestyle advice 9 April 2018 News
Putting your genome to work: for the NHS, for industry, for the UK post-Brexit 9 April 2018 Comment
DIY testing kits identify gene variants wrongly 2 times in 5 26 March 2018 News
Mutation that stops heavy drinkers getting cirrhosis discovered 26 March 2018 News
Major mental illnesses share unexpected gene activity 12 February 2018 News
Sequencing company proposes trading genetic information for cryptocurrency 12 February 2018 News
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