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Genetic variant

A relatively common alternative version of the DNA sequence in a gene, that by itself does not cause a single gene disorder.

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Alzheimer's risk gene variant protects against age-related memory loss 18 October 2021 News
Book Review: The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA matters for social equality 18 October 2021 Review
COVID-19 genomic surveillance data tells story of pandemic in England 18 October 2021 News
Alzheimer's may be detectable before symptoms appear 11 October 2021 News
Genetic variant increases Alzheimer's and severe COVID-19 risk 11 October 2021 News
Huntington's gene found to affect development of two-week-old embryos 11 October 2021 News
Gene that determines severity of COVID-19 discovered 4 October 2021 News
Gene variant linked to growth may help people survive with limited food 4 October 2021 News
Two-drug approach could offer hope to ovarian cancer patients 27 September 2021 News
Endometriosis-associated gene identified as a potential drug target 31 August 2021 News
Genetic screening provides actionable findings in one in six people 31 August 2021 News
Professor Matt Brown announced as chief scientific officer at Genomics England 31 August 2021 News
Genetic variants that cause hypertension in pregnancy identified 23 August 2021 News
Gene responsible for lack of sperm identified 9 August 2021 News
Genetic mechanism behind fibroid development discovered 9 August 2021 News
Obituary: Professor Richard Lewontin, geneticist and evolutionary biologist 2 August 2021 News
Rare hereditary gene mutations pose a significant risk of autism 2 August 2021 News
Regulating genomics – the next decade 19 July 2021 Comment
Gene carried by one in 3000 men increases risk of type 2 diabetes 12 July 2021 News
Genes drive sexual and reproductive behaviour 12 July 2021 News
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