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A distinguishing characteristic or quality of an organism.

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What can healthy individuals learn from getting their genomes sequenced? 1 July 2019 Comment
Record-breaking study links over 950 genes to insomnia 5 February 2018 News
Parental genes influence their children through 'genetic nurture' 29 January 2018 News
What's a bit of genetic interplay between friends? 29 January 2018 Comment
Revolutionising reproduction: setting a new moral compass 22 January 2018 Comment
Risk of developing autism is mostly caused by genetics 2 October 2017 News
What does consent mean for Generation Genome? 18 September 2017 Comment
Genes influence ability to read people's minds through their eyes 12 June 2017 News
Autism and smoking during pregnancy - a mitochondrial inheritance 30 May 2017 Comment
FDA gives go-ahead to first cancer drug based on genetics 30 May 2017 News
Australia upholds the ban on sex selection: a partial victory in an ongoing struggle 22 May 2017 Comment
Autism linked to grandmothers' smoking 2 May 2017 News
FDA approves home genetic tests for 10 diseases 10 April 2017 News
Autism linked to cognitive genes 6 March 2017 News
Use of prenatal tests 'must be limited', say bioethicists 6 March 2017 News
Neanderthal genes control human gene expression 27 February 2017 News
GIANT makes short work of height gene discovery 20 February 2017 Comment
83 rare genes influence height, says GIANT 6 February 2017 News
Discussion of ethics of new IVG technique is needed, say US experts 16 January 2017 News
Book Review: Redesigning Life – How Genome Editing will Transform the World 7 November 2016 Review
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