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DNA methylation

A biochemical process in which DNA can be biochemically modified (by the addition of a methy group). It is important in the control of gene expression and embryonic development in higher organisms.

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Depression during pregnancy linked to epigenetic changes in the placenta 11 October 2021 News
Epigenetics study reveals how genes are regulated in dementia 21 June 2021 News
Epigenetic changes in sperm may predict autism in children 18 January 2021 News
Epigenetic risks during pregnancy reduced with lifestyle intervention 16 November 2020 News
First epigenetic study in 3D human cancer cells 18 May 2020 News
Premature birth may have long-term epigenetic effects 9 March 2020 News
IVF temporarily changes babies' epigenetics 9 September 2019 News
Child obesity starts with epigenetic changes in womb 25 February 2019 News
Epigenetic test sorts fatal from manageable prostate cancer 22 October 2018 News
Snuggled babies show lasting changes to their DNA 4 December 2017 News
New gene silencing method discovered 24 July 2017 News
Drinking tea alters women's epigenetics 5 June 2017 News
Radio Review: The Secrets Inside Your Cells - Epigenetics, Trauma and Ancestry 8 May 2017 Review
Blood test could detect and locate cancer at early stage 13 March 2017 News
Epigenetic sperm test sheds light on male infertility 31 October 2016 News
Vitamins A and C erase cell memory to create stem cells 17 October 2016 News
Epigenetics could predict life expectancy 10 October 2016 News
Smoking can leave epigenetic changes on DNA for 30 years 26 September 2016 News
Smoking during pregnancy alters fetal DNA 4 April 2016 News
Scientists developing blood test to detect five early-stage cancers 15 February 2016 News
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