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A cell capable of developing into any type of cell or tissue except those that form a placenta or embryo

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Stem cells with Neanderthal genes developed into mini-brains 2 July 2018 News
A scramble for headlines or an optimistic (sunny side up) contribution to research on fertility preservation? 12 February 2018 Comment
Creating life in the lab: in vitro gametogenesis (IVG) and synthetic human entities with embryo-like features (SHEEFs) 8 January 2018 Comment
Safety matters – can we be sure that CRISPR-Cas9 is not producing unwanted genetic alterations? 3 July 2017 Comment
China plans embryonic stem cell trials for Parkinson's and blindness 5 June 2017 News
The craftsmanship of mimicking embryogenesis in a dish 13 March 2017 Comment
Film Review: Dish Life 20 February 2017 Review
Mouse pancreas grown in rat reverses diabetes 30 January 2017 News
US scientists create first human-pig embryo chimeras 30 January 2017 News
Bioethical framework for human-animal embryo research proposed 5 September 2016 News
NIH to lift moratorium on human–animal chimera research 8 August 2016 News
Reassurance for mothers over mosaic aneuploidy in CVS 3 May 2016 Comment
Call to end US federal funding ban on chimera research 9 November 2015 News
Human stem cells 'printed' in 3D 9 November 2015 News
Stem-cell scientist loses doctorate over STAP controversy 9 November 2015 News
STAP stem-cell findings were result of contamination 28 September 2015 News
Most complete 'human brain' grown in lab 24 August 2015 News
Skin cells transformed into neurons 10 August 2015 News
Cutting-edge technology and mitochondrial diseases - where is the limit? 27 July 2015 Comment
Stem cells could treat mitochondrial disease 20 July 2015 News
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