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 The total epigenetic (heritable, non-sequence based changes to gene expression) modifications that have been added to one's genome.

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Unique epigenetic profile found in identical twins 4 October 2021 News
Rejuvenation of stem cell epigenome offers osteoporosis hope 20 September 2021 News
WHO publishes guidelines for human genome editing 12 July 2021 News
Novel CRISPR approach uses an on-off switch for epigenome editing 19 April 2021 News
ORION public dialogue on genome editing 29 March 2021 Comment
Space travel impairs mitochondrial function 30 November 2020 News
What next for genome editing? Politics and the public 15 January 2018 Comment
New CRISPR technique reverses diabetes and kidney failure in mice without cutting DNA 11 December 2017 News
Snuggled babies show lasting changes to their DNA 4 December 2017 News
Radio Review: The Secrets Inside Your Cells - Epigenetics, Trauma and Ancestry 8 May 2017 Review
Gene therapy 'reverses ageing' in mice 19 December 2016 News
Epigenetic sperm test sheds light on male infertility 31 October 2016 News
Vitamins A and C erase cell memory to create stem cells 17 October 2016 News
Hispanic longevity linked to epigenetics 30 August 2016 News
Event Review: The Francis Crick Prize Lecture 2015 21 December 2015 Review
Epigenetic changes in sperm linked to obesity in offspring 7 December 2015 News
Obesity findings set precedent for GWAS research 7 September 2015 Comment
Sperm DNA changes linked to autism 20 April 2015 News
Masters of the genome – epigenomic 'map' revealed 23 February 2015 News
Epigenetic changes linked to Alzheimer's 26 August 2014 News
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