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NHS (National Health Service)

The National Health Service (NHS) is a publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom. The NHS is controlled by the Department of Health.

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£40 gene test could predict heart disease risk 15 October 2018 News
UK plans to sequence 5 million genomes in 5 years 8 October 2018 News
Bury CCG confirms IVF cuts from three cycles to one per couple 1 October 2018 News
Prenatal tests are misused for sex-selection in the UK 24 September 2018 News
Freeze eggs before 35 for IVF success, says UK report 17 September 2018 News
How do we make genomics everybody's business? 10 September 2018 Comment
IVF cuts encourage risky multiple pregnancies, warns UK report 10 September 2018 News
Let's get fertility preservation right for everyone 13 August 2018 Comment
How do we deal with big genomic data responsibly? 9 July 2018 Comment
NHS will become flagship health service for genomic medicine 9 July 2018 News
Four-fold rise in births to women over 50 in England and Wales 18 June 2018 News
First UK womb transplant to take place this year 11 June 2018 News
Bury CCG considers axeing fertility treatments 29 May 2018 News
Time waits for no man: the impact of age on male fertility 21 May 2018 Comment
CRISPR study finds resistance mutations to key cancer drugs 14 May 2018 News
MP Steve McCabe calls for end to postcode lottery in Ten Minute Rule Bill 23 April 2018 News
Wales 'failing to test' for high-risk bowel cancer gene 9 April 2018 News
UK region cuts IVF for couples with obese male partner 19 March 2018 News
Personal genetic testing and the implications for the donor conception community 26 February 2018 Comment
Event review: The Great Genome Sequencing Debate 5 February 2018 Review
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