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NHS (National Health Service)

The National Health Service (NHS) is a publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom.

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New Year, new job, new challenge: from fertility to frontline 22 June 2020 Comment
What is happening to reopen fertility clinics in Scotland? 15 June 2020 Comment
'Authorised to resume licensed treatments' following COVID-19 closure: what does this actually mean for a fertility clinic? 8 June 2020 Comment
From fertility lab to COVID testing: a personal experience of pandemic redeployment 26 May 2020 Comment
It's crucial to listen to patients' perspectives as fertility clinics prepare to reopen 26 May 2020 Comment
Podcast Review: The Genetics Podcast - Patient powered research networks 18 May 2020 Review
Reflections of a fertility doctor through the COVID-19 crisis 18 May 2020 Comment
UK initiative to sequence coronavirus patient genomes 18 May 2020 News
Access to IVF in the time of COVID-19 11 May 2020 Comment
Male couple expecting baby after NHS IVF 11 May 2020 News
UK-based guidelines to help fertility clinics plan for their reopening 11 May 2020 News
Baroness Blackwood appointed chair of Genomics England 4 May 2020 News
Breast and ovarian cancer drug repurposed to treat prostate cancer 4 May 2020 News
IVF clinics can apply to reopen after COVID shutdown 4 May 2020 News
What clinic staff are doing during the pandemic 4 May 2020 Comment
Coronavirus testing support offered by the Francis Crick Institute 23 March 2020 News
Fertility clinics asked to suspend treatment due to coronavirus 23 March 2020 News
Guidance for the care of fertility patients during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic 23 March 2020 Comment
National standards needed for IVF cycles, says health minister 2 March 2020 News
Frozen Fertility: The Challenges of Storing Eggs, Sperm and Embryos 27 January 2020 Comment
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