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NHS (National Health Service)

The National Health Service (NHS) is a publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom.

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Why are there lower IVF success rates for black women? 26 July 2021 Comment
Regulating genomics – the next decade 19 July 2021 Comment
IVF treatment on the NHS to return in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 12 July 2021 News
Nationwide UK public dialogue supports whole genome sequencing in newborns 12 July 2021 News
Policymakers advised to address problems with direct-to-consumer genomic testing 28 June 2021 News
Investigation reveals barriers to lesbian couples seeking fertility treatment 21 June 2021 News
Why fertility treatment must be in the Women's Health Strategy 21 June 2021 Comment
Fertility patient given wrong, invasive procedure 14 June 2021 News
Scotland launches egg and sperm donor recruitment campaign 14 June 2021 News
Watchdog issues new consumer rights guidance to warn IVF clinics 14 June 2021 News
Cambridgeshire CCG to review IVF policy 7 June 2021 News
Five-month-old baby receives £1.8 million gene therapy on the NHS 7 June 2021 News
UK's success rate for IVF has increased 1 June 2021 News
Cambridge scientists win technology award for their DNA sequencing method 24 May 2021 News
Event Review: Queer Conceptions – Families in the 21st Century 24 May 2021 Review
UK government to develop global standards and policies to share genomic data 24 May 2021 News
Levelling up in London? 17 May 2021 Comment
The Special Status of Mary Warnock: From Fertility Treatment to Embryo Research 19 April 2021 Comment
Ethnic minority women are less likely to have successful fertility treatment 29 March 2021 News
NHS launches polygenic scores pilot to calculate heart disease risk 29 March 2021 News
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