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PCT (Primary Care Trust)

A Primary Care Trust is an English National Health Service (NHS) organisation that provides some primary care (e.g. doctor's surgery/office) and some community (e.g. community nursing) services.


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Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust boosts IVF provision 16 July 2012 News
Level of IVF funding in UK among lowest in Europe 9 July 2012 News
The IVF postcode lottery must stop 2 July 2012 Comment
Draft NICE guideline recommends IVF for same-sex couples and women over 40 28 May 2012 News
Fertility services in the new NHS 28 May 2012 Comment
Smokers and obese people denied IVF by some NHS trusts 12 March 2012 News
TV Review: Postcode Lottery 12 March 2012 Review
IVF funding cuts spark access concerns 16 January 2012 News
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