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Huntington's disease

A progressive neurodegenerative genetic disorder, which affects muscle coordination and some cognitive functions.

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Huntington's gene found to affect development of two-week-old embryos 11 October 2021 News
ABC v St George's: exercising judgment without fear 2 March 2020 Comment
Daughter loses Huntington's confidentiality case 2 March 2020 News
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Genome-editing tool offers hope for intractable genetic diseases 2 September 2019 News
Woman sues UK hospital over Huntington's inheritance 3 December 2018 News
How do we deal with big genomic data responsibly? 9 July 2018 Comment
The strongest defence against genetic discrimination 18 June 2018 Comment
In depth: Our first look at the human development 'organiser cells' 4 June 2018 Comment
Huntington's protein is 'super assassin' for cancer cells 19 February 2018 News
First trials of Huntington's drug show it could slow disease 11 December 2017 News
ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust: an arguable duty to disclose familial genetic risks 10 July 2017 Comment
Huntington's disease in mice partly reversed using CRISPR 26 June 2017 News
Promise of blood test to predict course of Huntington's disease 12 June 2017 News
Daughter wins right to sue father's doctors in confidentiality case 22 May 2017 News
No duty to inform non-patients of genetic test results 25 April 2016 News
Genetic variants linked to start of Huntington's symptoms 3 August 2015 News
Film Review: The Lion's Mouth Opens 13 July 2015 Review
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and the welfare of the healthy selected child 20 May 2013 Comment
Who is afraid of more informed patients? Public fear mongering by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences 11 February 2013 Comment
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