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Genomic medicine

Using genetic information to determine disease risk and predisposition, diagnosis, likely outcomes, and to help select and prioritise possible treatments.

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NHS will become flagship health service for genomic medicine 9 July 2018 News
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Windfall of $500 million for genomics in Australia's federal budget 14 May 2018 News
NHS gaps may undermine genomic medicine in UK 23 April 2018 News
Putting your genome to work: for the NHS, for industry, for the UK post-Brexit 9 April 2018 Comment
Wales joins 100,000 Genomes Project to tackle rare diseases 26 February 2018 News
Podcast Review: Naked Genetics - The Future of Genomic Medicine 22 January 2018 Review
Book Review: How to Code a Human 18 September 2017 Review
What does consent mean for Generation Genome? 18 September 2017 Comment
Delivering the Genomic Dream across the NHS 17 July 2017 Comment
Generation Genome - sequencing is future for NHS, says report 10 July 2017 News
What next for genomics? Providing answers, changing lives, transforming the NHS 10 July 2017 Comment
Canada passes genetic non-discrimination bill 13 March 2017 News
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