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Genomic medicine

Using genetic information to determine disease risk and predisposition, diagnosis, likely outcomes, and to help select and prioritise possible treatments.

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Francis Collins steps down as NIH director after 12 years 20 December 2021 News
A 'serious' threshold for genomic technologies – context counts! 15 November 2021 Comment
Confusion over what GDPR legislation means for genomic data 6 September 2021 News
Regulating genomics – the next decade 19 July 2021 Comment
Podcast Review: Making Better Medicines – Unlocking the promise of genomics for drug discovery 1 June 2021 Review
UK government to develop global standards and policies to share genomic data 24 May 2021 News
New vision from the NIH signals a new era for human genomics 2 November 2020 News
Africa Pathogen Genomics Initiative aims to achieve continent-wide disease surveillance 19 October 2020 News
National Genomic Healthcare Strategy: a view from Genomics England 19 October 2020 Comment
New National Genomic Healthcare Strategy, Genome UK: does it go far enough? 19 October 2020 Comment
UK Government launches plan for genomic healthcare system 5 October 2020 News
Human genes renamed as Microsoft Excel reads them as dates 10 August 2020 News
Known genes associated with male infertility doubled 3 August 2020 News
Carrier screening: the state of play in the UK Jewish population 18 November 2019 Comment
Everything you wanted to know about genomics but were afraid to ask 9 September 2019 Comment
How should we use genomic data in assisted reproduction? 7 May 2019 Comment
Event Review: The British Science Association's Future Debates – Would you share your DNA? 25 February 2019 Review
How do we make genomics everybody's business? 10 September 2018 Comment
Report warns against universal screening of babies' genomes 20 August 2018 News
How do we deal with big genomic data responsibly? 9 July 2018 Comment
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