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DNA (genetic) sequencing

Determining the order of bases in a DNA molecule.

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Mechanism that leads to DNA mutations in melanoma discovered 9 August 2021 News
US funding boost for single-gene disorder research 26 July 2021 News
Webinar Review: Neonatal testing for rare diseases – The power of knowing 5 July 2021 Review
Complete human genome sequenced after 20 years 7 June 2021 News
Illumina and Roche settle and dismiss patent lawsuits over 'Harmony' tests 1 June 2021 News
Podcast Review: Making Better Medicines – Unlocking the promise of genomics for drug discovery 1 June 2021 Review
Cambridge scientists win technology award for their DNA sequencing method 24 May 2021 News
UK government to develop global standards and policies to share genomic data 24 May 2021 News
Podcast Review: COVID In Your Genes – The risk factors 17 May 2021 Review
Retron genome editing approach is faster and easier than CRISPR 10 May 2021 News
New algorithm developed to improve personalised cancer therapy 4 May 2021 News
New sequencing method for studying genetic changes in any human tissue 4 May 2021 News
Human DNA shed into the air is collected and sequenced 12 April 2021 News
Scientists sequence 64 human genomes at high resolution 8 March 2021 News
New rapid genome sequencing to trace COVID-19 14 December 2020 News
Faster cancer diagnosis achieved by new DNA sequencing method 7 December 2020 News
Gene mutations discovered as a trigger for male infertility 27 July 2020 News
Complete human chromosome sequenced for first time 20 July 2020 News
Book Review: The Human DNA Manual – Understanding your genetic code 10 February 2020 Review
Global cancer genome study reveals genetic secrets 10 February 2020 News
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Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3: PGS and PGD
13 September 2016 6pm (registration), 6.30pm-8.30pm (discussion) Institute of Child Health, University College London, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH
The Progress Educational Trust's FREE-to-attend event about testing and screening human embryos is taking place TOMORROW EVENING - book NOW. The event will be chaired by Dr Sue Avery, with speakers including Dr Tony Gordon, Dr Christine Patch, James Lawford Davies and Professor Michael Parker...