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Clinical trial

A research study in which new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat disease are tested on human participants.

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Umbilical stem cells may help patients survive severe COVID-19 11 January 2021 News
Precision cancer drug targets DNA repair 5 October 2020 News
Event Review: COVID-19 – Evidence and limitations of genetics in relation to BAME groups 14 September 2020 Review
Patients with neurological diseases seeking stem cell treatments 24 August 2020 Comment
Menopausal woman gives birth following blood plasma injection 17 August 2020 News
Frozen IVF embryos do not increase chance of pregnancy 10 August 2020 News
Unproven stem cell therapies, and now, strong words from the FDA 27 July 2020 Comment
Endometrial scratch has no effect on live birth rate for first time IVF patients 8 July 2020 News
Bioengineering repairs uterus resulting in live births in rabbits 6 July 2020 News
Breast cancer drug depletes ovarian reserve in mice 6 July 2020 News
Caveat: Stem cells touted for coronavirus treatments 29 June 2020 Comment
Mini organs show how coronavirus attacks the body 29 June 2020 News
New drug stops cancer cells from repairing their DNA 29 June 2020 News
Hair regeneration using stem cells to treat baldness 26 May 2020 News
Investigational new drug may be beneficial in treating severe COVID-19 4 May 2020 News
Retinal gene therapy trial shows positive result 2 March 2020 News
Stem cell therapy cures diabetes in mice 2 March 2020 News
Event Review: The Gene Gap – Who would you trust to edit the human race? 17 February 2020 Review
Metabolic compound may reverse fertility ageing in women 17 February 2020 News
CRISPR-edited cells for cancer treatment appear safe 10 February 2020 News
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