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Clinical trial

A research study in which new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat disease are tested on human participants.

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Battle-worn: Setting up a multi-centre, randomised, controlled trial in the UK 17 September 2018 Comment
First in-body genome editing trial appears safe 10 September 2018 News
How do we make genomics everybody's business? 10 September 2018 Comment
Uterus transplantation in Lebanon: Could it make women more vulnerable? 28 August 2018 Comment
Gene therapy kickstarts stem cells to help blind mice see 20 August 2018 News
Special rules for US gene therapy trials relaxed 20 August 2018 News
Event Review: IVF at 40 – Science Museum 6 August 2018 Review
Japan launches first clinical trial of stem cells for Parkinson's 6 August 2018 News
Womb scratching: common IVF add-on has no benefit 3 July 2018 News
Repetitive behaviours in rare form of autism 'edited out' in mice 2 July 2018 News
FDA puts major CRISPR genome editing trial on hold 11 June 2018 News
First fetus to be enrolled in stem-cell transplant trial 4 June 2018 News
Acupuncture does not affect IVF success rate 21 May 2018 News
Breast cancer drug works in half the time 21 May 2018 News
Depression linked to lower fertility in men 21 May 2018 News
Hopes for PCOS cure as scientists reveal cause in mice 21 May 2018 News
Campaign for UK Parliament to extend the 10-year storage limit on egg freezing 23 April 2018 Comment
Promising results from beta-thalassaemia gene therapy trial 23 April 2018 News
First genome-editing trial in Europe gets go-ahead 16 April 2018 News
Putting your genome to work: for the NHS, for industry, for the UK post-Brexit 9 April 2018 Comment
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